Firefox Stuck in Remote Control Mode


Recently I tried out selenium-webdriver with Firefox 71. One of the important steps in the setup process is browing to about:profiles in Firefox and creating a new profile for use for “remote control”. I did that but somewhere along the way I accidentally used my default profile which got the browser stuck in “remote control mode” despite my best efforts to make sure everything was turned off. It was really bugging me because I didn’t want the process to keep listening on some port waiting to be taken over even if the chance was slim. It also made the address bar orange and obnoxious. It looked like this with a little tooltip that read “Browser is under remote control”:

The Firefox address bar when it's in remote control mode

Naturally I googled the issue but I couldn’t find anything. So I’m writing this short post in the off chance someone else runs into this. I proceeded to find and download the source code for my version of Firefox (72.0.1) which took about 3 minutes to untar. Armed with the source code I began spelunking. Among other things I learned that Firefox uses html/css to render the address bar which is pretty cool. But the real solution was finding a hidden config option that’s accessible through the about:config address. It’s called marionette.enabled and in my case it was set to true. There are some other potentially relevant config options that have the word “remote” in them as well that you may find useful. As soon as I toggled the value my address bar returned to normal and my process stopped listening on port 2828. Turns out marionette is “is an automation driver for Mozilla’s Gecko engine”.

Hopefully this short post helps someone else out someday when they find themselves stuck with a case of orangeaddressbaritis.