The Setup


I’ve been setup! Setup with some epic software… It took me a long time to figure out what tools actually help me be more productive, but now I’ve got it. Here is a list of my favorite tools, and some of the reasons I love them.



Evernote is pretty much my second brain. I keep all my notes, receipts, and any other info I need to remember in it. If you don’t have Evernote, or some kind of alternative, you should really try it.

Sublime Text 2

Free trial, unbounded

Sublime Text 2 is my text and code editor of choice. In conjunction with Will Bond’s package manager, you can pretty much have it all in Sublime Text. I especially love the “vintage mode” that gives me VIM like keyboard shortcuts.



I love listening to music. Spotify is the best music streaming service I’ve found. Very rarely does it not have a song I’m looking for. I pay 10$ a month to be able to use it on my phone, but otherwise it’s free (with light ads).



Chrome is my browser of choice. I have come to rely on the developer tools. They are invaluable for web developers.

Git and GitHub

Free, private GitHub repositories cost $

When it comes to source control, I don’t think git can be beat. When I started coding I went with Microsoft’s TFS. Which isn’t terrible for a centralized source control, but it’s heavily tied to Visual Studio, which I don’t care much for. Git rocked my world when I realized how easy it is to use. Getting started can be a bit difficult, try starting here.

Beyond Compare

Costs $, Windows & Linux

Beyond Compare is a great tool for showing you the different between files. It integrates well with Git and other source control. It doesn’t have to be used with a source control system.

Hopefully you enjoyed my short breakdown of the tools I use. Go check them out!